11 June 2019

Maintenance on USG building summer 2019

Renovatie USBO zomer 2019

Between 1 July and 23 August 2019 essential maintenance and repairs will be carried out on the USG building at Bijlhouwerstraat 6, Utrecht. The works will be less drastic than last year, but the building will temporarily be less accessible. The contractor is placing scaffolding on the street side of the building, where windows and window frames will be replaced. In order to be able to carry out the work properly and safely, all employees with a workstation on the street side will temporarily move to the canal side of the building. The renovation will take place in a period in which there is little or no education, so there is no need to move lectures. However, thesis defences will take place at a different location in the summer, and there will be less room for meetings and consultation.

Planning is aimed at completing the maintenance before the start of the new academic year 2019/2020. After completion, the USG building will be more comfortable and energy efficient, and will also have double glazing and painted window frames on the street side.

Renovatie USBO zomer 2019 2

Major maintenance, including asbestos removal

Major maintenance is a nuisance. In any case: the street side of the building will be less accessible during this period. We kindly ask for everyone’s understanding.

What is going to happen exactly? On the outside of the building: painting, repairing wood rot, brickwork and natural stone, of the facade and the replacement of rainwater drainage. On the inside, the window frames will be repaired and painted.

During the asbestos inventory carried out earlier, traces of asbestos were found in the glazing sealant of the exterior window frames. The presence of asbestos does not constitute a health hazard in itself. Asbestos-containing materials only pose a health risk when they are processed or damaged, causing asbestos fibres to become airborne. Therefore, extra safety precautions must be taken during the replacement of windows to prevent pollution by asbestos fibres.

Therefore, the maintenance work on the façade frames will be carried out by a certified asbestos removal company, where the asbestos-containing glazing sealant will be removed in a safe and responsible manner.


Are you a visitor of the Utrecht University School of Governance (USG), are you looking for a staff member or do you have any questions concerning the maintenance on the building, please refer to the frontoffice.

You can contact us via (+31) 30 253 8101 or info.usbo@uu.nl.