Madelijn Strick and Lars Tummers in AD: how a film can improve solidarity

This past Tuesday the AD reported on the film intervention developed by UYA-members Madelijn Strick and Lars Tummers. This intervention serves to increase the sense of solidarity and trust among citizens of Utrecht. 

Can a movie help connect the many groups living in Utrecht? Social psychologist Madelijn Strick and Professor of Public Management and Behavior Lars Tummers started working this question out last year. In collaboration with the Municipality of Utrecht, the researchers made a film in which several groups in Utrecht - older-generation, students, immigrants - answered questions such as "who climbed the Dom tower?" and "have you been bullied before?". The similarities in answers show that perhaps the differences between groups aren't as big as thought.

The film was recorded in februari, the research has now been completed. Continue reading the full press release (in Dutch) here