6 June 2017

Lorena De Vita on the Six-Day War, viewed from East Berlin

Israëlische Centurions in de Negev op 20 mei 1967. Bron: Wikimedia Commons/Fritz Cohen
An Israeli armored unit of Centurion tanks in the Negev on 20 May 1967. Source: Wikimedia Commons/Fritz Cohen

50 years ago, the  Six-Day War took place in the Middle East. Dr Lorena De Vita (History of International Relations) was invited by the prestigious Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars to write a short piece with documentary evidence on the East German take on the 1967 war.

The article Six-Day War, viewed from East Berlin includes links to original primary sources from a variety of archives (including Stasi and Ulbricht's office).

Lorena De Vita

Dr Lorena De Vita is a Lecturer in History of International Relations at Utrecht University. Her research focuses on the political and cultural history of the Cold War, on the international politics of the Arab/Israeli conflict, and on post-1945 European history.