23 July 2018

Looking back on the Kick Off of the Open Science Community Utrecht

On the 18th of June, the Kick Off took place of the Open Science Community Utrecht. Read below how this was celebrated and why this community is essential for Utrecht University. What is the Open Science Community Utrecht (OSCU) all about?

Anita Eerland & Loek Brinkman kicked off the evening with a short intro on why they started OSCU; to increase the accuracy, reliability and efficiency of science by facilitating wide-scale adoption of Open Science practices. OSCU is a platform to learn about and discuss open science and its incorporation in our workflows. Therefore, OSCU will host Open Science workshops and Open Science Cafés as of next academic year. Stay tuned!

Next up was Daniel Oberski (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences and UYA) explained that open science is not only about open access publishing and sharing data. It’s about transparency in all steps of the research cycle, including open materials and open software. In addition, he gave multiple examples of how he benefited from adopting open science practices, in terms of correcting errors, and increasing visibility and societal impact. 

The event proceeded with a panel discussion featuring Ivan Flis (history and philosophy of science), Sanli Faez (Faculty of Science and UYA), Lars Tummers (Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance and UYA), Neeltje van Haren (Utrecht Medical Centre) and Mitzy Kennis (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences). Amongst other things, they discussed local and national open science policies, the conflict of privacy and openness and how open science should be embedded in educational programs. The discussion concluded with the popping of some corks and raising the glass, making OSCU official!

To learn more about the OSCU, visit their website and follow them on Twitter!