Looking back and looking forward at the CHARM-EU Conference on 13 and 14 December

On December 13th and 14th 2022, the CHARM-EU Alliance is hosting the public CHARM-EU Annual Conference. Participants will have the opportunity to take a look forward while also reflecting on the achievements of the CHARM-EU Alliance in order to evaluate the multilevel impact of the European University Alliances.

Anyone interested is welcome to join the conference. The conference will take place in Barcelona, some of the panel sessions will be available in a hybrid format.

Context and objectives

The CHARM-EU project, initiated in 2019 by the University of Barcelona, Trinity College Dublin, University of Montpellier, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest and Utrecht University, became a true example of good practice in the European Higher Education landscape. Since the kick-off of the European Universities Initiative in 2019, the CHARM-EU Alliance has been successfully progressing in many diverse fields. Achievements include an innovative teaching and learning model resulting in the first joint European Master’s Degree as well as the launch of CHARM-EU’s research and innovation dimension through TORCH. The Annual CHARM-EU Conference will provide an opportunity to highlight and reflect on these achievements of CHARM-EU and those of the European Universities Initiative while mapping out the future by designing the next steps towards a strong European Education Area based in a collaborative, inclusive and multi-level long-term strategy.

The conference will contribute to the transformation of European Higher Education by identifying and highlighting the multi-level effects of the cooperation within alliances. It will bring together representatives of European University Alliances, students, staff and academics, policymakers as well as external stakeholders to provide an opportunity to discuss the possibilities and the actions to be taken during the new phase of the European Universities Initiative.

Agenda of the Conference

Alongside the achievements and lessons learned in CHARM-EU, panel sessions will focus on areas such as the construction of the European Education Area, the shaping of the future of European Higher Education through the best practices identified in European Universities as well as their contribution to the digital and green transitions by promoting the EU’s Digital Education Action Plan and the New European Bauhaus Initiative.

The thematic break-out sessions will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the approaches to European University Education (utilizing CHARM-EU as a case study) and the governance and management structures of EUI Alliances while offering the possibility to consider the creation of an inter-institutional, intercultural, transdisciplinary and inclusive campus with mobility as a core element, the possibilities of internal transformation as well as the future of the research and innovation dimension of European University Alliances.

Registration and more information

Registration to the CHARM-EU Annual Conference is free of charge .

More information: charm-eu.eu/conference2022.