Lonneke Roelofs wins Escher prize

Physical Geography lecturer Lonneke Roelofs wins this year’s Escher Prize for best Master’s thesis. She wrote her thesis on levee formation, supervised by Maarten Kleinhans and in collaboration with PhD candidate Marcio Boechat Albernaz and postdoc Harm Jan Pierik.

The Escher prize of the Royal Dutch Geological Mining Institute (KNGMG) is awarded every year, and this year the ceremony would have taken place on March 13 on the NAC-conference. Unfortunately, this last day of the conference had to be cancelled due to the corona measures announced be the Dutch government, and Roelofs was not yet able to receive the prize. The award ceremony took place today, on the occasion of The Future of Sand Symposium.

Earlier this year, Roelofs won also the Geosciences Teacher-talent of the Year Prize 2020.