14 January 2020

Linda Senden and Lydia Dalhuisen nominated for Women in the Media Award Utrecht

Linda Senden
Linda Senden on Dutch national Radio 1.

Lydia Dalhuisen, assistant professor in criminology and Linda Senden, professor of International and European Law, are nominated for the Vrouw in de Media Award Utrecht 2019.  They were nominated because they share their scientific expertise on a regular basis in the media. The award is a regional addition to the national Vrouw in de Media Award.

Professor Linda Senden can often be heard and seen in the media on the topic of Brexit and the European Union. She is also one of the key figures in the Gender and Diversity hub of Utrecht University. She speaks out on the Dutch discussion on a vrouwenquotum and for instance on unequal prizes for men and women with short hair at hairdessers.

Lydia Dalhuisen
Lydia Dalhuisen in the Dutch news show Editie NL.

Lydia Dalhuisen, assistant professor of criminology is an often seen expert in the media on firesetting, the topic on which she obtained her PhD. Dalhuisen holds both an academic degree in Clinical and Health Psychology, as in Criminal Law. She is therefore an excellent speaker on both the psychology of firesetters/arsonists as on the manner in which society deals with this criminal behaviour.

Get out the vote 

You can vote for the nominees via Vrouwindemedia.nl up to and including 30 January. The award is organised by the Dutch Mediaplatform Vaker in de Media anfd speakers bureau ZijSpreekt. With the awards they want  to encourage female experts and role models to be visible in the media and to encourage journalists to offer them that stage more often.

In the voting module you are first asked to vote for a national nominee, then you can vote for a woman per province. Dalhuisen and Senden are nominated in Utrecht.