Liberal Arts and Sciences alumni survey 2018 – University College Utrecht scores higher on community feeling

In autumn 2018, a national fact sheet about the outcomes of the all-UC alumni survey was published. The aim of the survey was to gain insights into the life and career paths of Liberal Arts and Sciences alumni and detect trends within the alumni populations of the Dutch University Colleges. Now, we’ve also looked into the specific outcomes for University College Utrecht.

We are pleased to see that compared to other University Colleges in the Netherlands, University College Utrecht scores higher on community feeling during studies, as well on usefulness of the college community our alumni experience in their current job.

When it comes to the level, coherency, interdisciplinarity, and quality of the academic programme, University College Utrecht scores similarly to the other colleges, as goes for development of a sense of world citizenship.

Participants of the survey were also asked to look back on the competencies they developed while studying at University College Utrecht. Skills alumni feel they developed the most are critical thinking, analytical skills, interdisciplinarity and ‘thinking outside of the box’. Often mentioned competencies  that UCU did not teach but that– according to respondents of the survey- would be important to learn are self-awareness and personal values, practical (career) skills and preparation for the outside world in general.

Thank you to all alumni who took part in the survey! The outcomes of the survey are very useful for our continuous efforts to improve education, services and life at University College Utrecht.