Lennart de Groot features on 'Nationale Wetenschapsquiz' 2017

Every Christmas, the Dutch public can relax on the sofa while taking part in TV’s Nationale Wetenschapsquiz (National Science Quiz). This year’s programme will see Lennart de Groot, earth scientist at Utrecht University, defend his title as a scientist and teach the Netherlands something about the Earth’s magnetism.

Lennart de Groot
Lennart de Groot. Photo: Ed van Rijswijk

In the Nationale Wetenschapsquiz (National Science Quiz), scientists and non-scientists try to find the answers to scientific questions that may seem easy at first but often turn out to be more complicated than you imagine. Lennart de Groot is one of the three scientists taking part. “As the questions vary so much each year, it is difficult to predict who will win,” says De Groot. “But, of course, I’ll give it my best shot. Also, getting the opportunity to explain your own research in an mini-lecture on this stage in two minutes is really nice as well.”

For the quiz, De Groot will pair up with artist/philosopher Koert van Mensvoort. They will compete against two other teams made up of Jasper van Kuijk (cabaret artist) and Barbara Braams (neuroscientist) and Ellen Deckwitz (poet) and Marleen Kamperman (chemist).

During the programme, De Groot had an opportunity to demonstrate in a very special way how he conducts his research. Watch the broadcast below.