Koen Leurs winner of the Evans Foundation Prize 2020

Dr. Koen Leurs. Foto: Ivar Pel
Dr Koen Leurs. Photo: Ivar Pel

Dr Koen Leurs, representing the Critical Media literacy through Making Media (MMM) team was awarded split first prize, of the Evens Education Prize, which this year was focused on the theme of Critical Thinking as a Practice of Freedom.

The jury appreciated that MMM research focuses on the very acute challenge of enabling and supporting migrants and refugees’ participation and resilience in society by taking charge of the way they are represented. The jury experts were impressed by the way MMM manages to link theoretical reflections with a practice-oriented approach. They underlined that MMM’s educational programme is sensitive to the diversity of identities and experiences of students, and has a strong empowering dimension in the way media literacy is taught and performed. 

Inclusive Media Literacy Education

With the prize Leurs will update and translate the Dutch language curriculum fostering critical media literacy through making media into English. In addition he will set the contours for futher academic debate in co-editing a special issue of the open access journal Media & Communication on Inclusive Media Literacy Education for Diverse Societies. The prize also allows for both of these processes to bedocumented by a visual artist, and supported by a team of young newcomer ambassadors.