Kathy High CfH Festival Fellow at Impakt Festival 2019

Kathy High. Bron: Wikimedia/Monica Giselle
Kathy High. Source: Wikimedia/Monica Giselle

This year's Centre for the Humanities Festival Fellow at IMPAKT Festival is interdisciplinary artist Kathy High. This festival edition is centred around "Speculative Interfaces", questioning existing notions of the interface and reimagining its future(s). The program investigates how we interact with technology and how this relationship alters our behaviour and perception.

Kathy High works with technology, art and biology. She collaborates with scientists and artists, and considers living systems, empathy, animal sentience, and the social, political and ethical dilemmas of biotechnology and surrounding industries. In her research into the animal world, High has investigated animal consciousness, emotion and empathy. The recent project Gut Love: You Are My Future offers a glimpse into the complex interrelation between the gut microbiota and its host, and the culture of fecal implantation.

On Friday, November 1st students from the MA Arts and Society, MA Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy and the RMA Media, Art and Performance Studies will engage with Kathy High and her work through a screening, an artist talk and a keynote lecture.