3 September 2019

Karin Strijbis receives ERC Starting Grant for research on intestinal health

Researcher Karin Strijbis will receive an ERC (European Research Council) Starting Grant of one and a half million euros this year. This European five-year grant is awarded to promising researchers who have proven that they can become independent researcher leaders. 

Research on intestinal health
Dr. Karin Strijbis, BAC2MUC

Although intestinal bacteria matter to people's health, they may also be responsible for gastroenteritides including Crohn's disease or food poisoning. It is largely unknown in what manner different bacteria affect the human body. We are aware, however, of the fact that gut bacteria interact with the body in the intestinal mucosa. This mucous membrane contains specific proteins called transmembrane mucins, which detect bacteria and transmit signals to the body. Karin Strijbis will use the ERC Starting Grant to set up a team of four researchers, who will study the contribution made by these specific proteins to gastroenteritis as well as to intestinal health among humans and animals. As a result of this research, new therapies against bowel infections and innovative applications to promote intestinal health may well be found.