21 March 2014

‘Kant for Kids’

Kants 'Perpetual Peace' translated into children's book

Immanuel Kant

Starting from February this year the Centre for the Humanities is running a project 'Kant for Kids' (working title). The initiative, carried out by a team of interns from different disciplinary fields, aims at translating six preliminary articles – the basic conditions for peace – of the famous treatise 'Perpetual Peace' by philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) into a book for children.

Peace as a shared horizon

'Kant for Kids' is part of the wider Perpetual Peace Project – an international research and cultural programme that takes on initiatives within multiple institutions, to provoke a renewed conversation on the possibility of peace as a shared contemporary horizon. The 'Kant for Kids' project takes form of a 6-month-long internship.
The goal of the project is to translate the concept of perpetual peace, and namely Kant’s six preliminary articles, into a terminology accessible and understandable for children. The translation thus entails not only adapting Kant’s text but also linking it to a contemporary political, social and economic context. The envisioned end result is a book for kids which could be used either as a stand-alone reading or incorporated into a wider course related to philosophy and/or politics. Throughout the project the team will consult with experts from different fields regarding the content and conceptual implementation of the project.

The team

Currently the team consists of the following members:
  • Brandon Pakker, MA student in Philosophy (Utrecht University), who came up with the initial idea and proposed it to CfH;
  • Yvette Wijnandts, RMA student in Gender and Ethnicity (Utrecht University);
  • Ruben van der Mark, MA student in Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies (Utrecht University);
  • Toa Maes, MA in Literature and Cultural Criticism (Utrecht University).

The advising experts include:

  • Prof. Rosi Braidotti (Director, Centre for the Humanities);
  • Prof. Gregg Lambert (Syracuse University, one of the initiators of Perpetual Peace Project);
  • Prof. Jolle Demmers (Director, Centre for Conflict Studies at Utrecht University);
  • Janina Pigaht, CfH Artist in Residence.