21 January 2013

Jürgen Plitzko appointed as Professor of Biomolecular Electron Microscopy

The Executive Board of Utrecht University has appointed Dr.  Jürgen Plitzko as Professor of Biomolecular Electron Microscopy at the Department of Chemistry and the Bijvoet Center. Plitzko is an internationally renowned scientist in the area of electron microscopy of biomolecules and cells. His appointment signifies a strengthening of education and research of Molecular Life Sciences.

Jürgen Plitzko (45) has worked with  the Electron Microscopy group at the leading Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie in Martinsried (Germany) since 2002.  The focus of his research is the development of new electron microscopy techniques to visualise biologically relevant macromolecular complexes.

Therefore, his appointment is a valuable complement for research in structural biology at the faculty's Bijvoet Center. Also he will play a coordinating role in strengthening the cooperation within Utrecht University in the field of electron microscopy.

Thus cooperation with Professor Hans Gerritsen of the Debye Institute is foreseen as well, in the area of electron and fluorescence microscopy. The appointment of Plitzko is part of the Physics and Chemistry sector plan.