16 October 2017

International award for chemistry research

Jovana Zečević wins Edith Flanigen award

Jovana Zecevic

Today, Chemistry researcher Jovana Zečević received the Edith Flanigen award. The German research center CRC 1109 awards the prize annually to an exceptional female scientist at an early stage of her career. Zečević receives the award for her outstanding research results on metal oxide water systems. The award is associted with a financial support of 15.000 Euro, one third of which represents a personal award, while the other two thirds are meant to enable research stays at CRC 1109 in Berlin to establish collaboration.

Jovana Zečević studies the application of advanced transmission electron microscopy tools for characterization of catalysts and oxide materials, leading to fundamental knowledge that enables improved nanomaterials design. In 2015, she received an NWO Veni grant for her research, and in the same year she published an article in Nature about a catalyst design with nano-scale precision, which can be used to produce cleaner diesel from more sustainable raw materials.