Jolle Demmers appointed as professor Conflict Studies

Prof. dr. Jolle Demmers. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Prof. Dr Jolle Demmers

Prof. Jolle Demmers (History of International Relations) has been appointed as Professor in Conflict Studies at the History of International Relations section of the Department of History and Art History, starting per 1 February 2019.

Conflict Studies

The interdisciplinary field of Conflict Studies investigates how and why people mobilize for collective violent action against other (groups of) combatants, civilians or the state. It aims to unravel the complex alliances, discourses and legitimations through which violent conflicts evolve,  transform and end.

Jolle Demmers

Jolle was co-founder of the Centre for Conflict Studies and played a key role in establishing the field of Conflict Studies at Utrecht University. Jolle coordinates the master Conflict Studies and Human Rights and  lectures and writes on theories of contemporary violent conflict,  boundaries and violence, and  remote warfare. Demmers studied Political Science and International Relations at the University of Amsterdam and carried out her PhD research on neoliberal caciquismo and political violence in Mexico at Utrecht University. Under the heading of The Intimacies of Remote Warfare, she is currently engaged in research projects on the spatial and temporal reconfiguration of warfare and its blowback effects.

Jolle has co-produced cross-disciplinary projects with BAK, Jonas Staal, De Balie, TAAK, Hacking Habitat, and the Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg on the intersections between art, politics and war (e.g. Stateless Democracy, Azawad Embassy, Remote Control, New World Summit, The Ultra-periphery).

Institutions for Open Societies

Jolle Demmers is also connected to Institutions for Open Societies - an interdisciplinary research area of Utrecht University focused on the development and expansion of healthy open societies everywhere.