Janneke Gerards and Stefan Kulk share their thoughts on the Dutch efforts for a "corona app"

Professor Janneke Gerards and dr. Stefan Kulk (Utrecht University) share their thoughts on the Dutch efforts to build a corona contact tracing app in the YouTube clip below. They discuss questions like: What fundamental rights are at stake? Can these fundamental rights be limited? And what about our rights to privacy and data protection?

Letter to the Dutch government

Gerards and Kulk also discuss the letter to the Dutch government concerning the "corona apps". Minister De Jonge announced during a press conference on 7 April that the government is considering using two apps to combat corona. In this letter to the cabinet, more than sixty scientists warn of the dangers of tracking, tracing and health apps in combating Covid-19. They urge the government to safeguard our fundamental rights in the design and implementation of so-called corona apps. From Utrecht University, professor José van Dijck, professor Pinar Yolum, professor Janneke Gerards, professor Albert Meijer, professor Anna Gerbrandy, Maranke Wieringa MA and dr. Mirko Tobias Schäfer signed the letter.

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Governing the Digital Society

Janneke Gerards and Stefan Kulk are both part of the Utrecht University School of Law, and involved in the focus area Governing the Digital Society. Governing the Digital Society promotes research on the social processes of datafication, algorithmisation and platformisation. The focus area's basic research inquiry revolves around the question: How to develop and apply principles of (good) governance in digital societies?