12 February 2015

Jan Raaijmakers figurehead Life Sciences & Health top sector

Jan Raaijmakers

Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp has named Prof. Jan Raaijmakers as the official figurehead for the top sector Life Sciences and Health. Prof. Raaijmakers has been affiliated with Utrecht University’s Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences since 1998 in the position of endowed/part time professor in the field of health economics and the role that medicines plays in the field. Until recently, he also held the post of Vice President External Scientific Collaborations at GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) Europe. On 5 March 2015, Jan Raaijmakers will take over from Rob van Leen, who served as the official figurehead until February 2014.

‘Top Sectors’ are areas in which the business community, universities, research centres and the government cooperate to reinforce their position by improving knowledge and promoting innovation. The figurehead for a top sector is charged with facilitating the collaboration between the various parties.  “With his experience in research and in the business community, and his focus on public-private partnerships, Professor Raaijmakers is the ideal person to give an extra stimulus to innovation within the top sector Life Sciences and Health”, explains Minister Kamp.

Jan Raaijmakers

Jan Raaijmakers (1952) began working as an analyst at the Lung Diseases group in Utrecht, while completing his studies and earning his PhD. in biology and pharmacology at Utrecht University in the evening. In 1988 he began working for GSK, one of the world’s largest innovative pharmaceutical companies. After filling the posts of Medical Director, Director of Science and Business Development and Commercial Director, seven years ago he was promoted to the position of Vice President External Scientific Collaborations Europe. In this role, he was responsible for creating models for cooperation between academics, industry and the government.


In addition to these responsibilities, from 1998 to 2008 he was Endowed Professor of Technology Assessment for Pharmaceuticals at Utrecht University’s Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In October 2008, he was appointed full professor, and was involved in the department’s research and education as a consultant. He also holds the position of Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Top Institute Pharma.

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