17 October 2018

Recommendations on alleged violations of research integrity

Jan Hogendijk appointed member of the LOWI

Prof. Jan Hogendijk (Mathematics) has been appointed as one of six members of the Netherlands Board on Research Integrity (LOWI), which advises on alleged violations of principles of research integrity.

With the departure of Iris Sommer (Medicine) to the University of Groningen, Utrecht University lost its representation in the LOWI. Prof. Hogendijk has been appointed for a term ending in September 2022, after which he may be re-appointed for another term.


The LOWI was founded in 2003 by the KNAW, NWO, and VSNU to advise the boards of the member universities and institutes on alleged cases of violations of research integrity. The members are nominated by the LOWI and appointed with the approval of the VSNU, KNAW, and NWO.

Jan Hogendijk

Prof. Jan Hogendijk, Universiteit Utrecht
Prof. Jan Hogendijk; photo: Henk Thomas

Jan Hogendijk was appointed as Professor of the History of Mathematics at Utrecht University in 2005. He has served among others as Programme Director for the Mathematics Bachelor’s programme, Chair of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences, and President of the Commission on History of Science and Technology in Islamic Societies, which is part of the International Academy of History and Philosophy of Science. Hogendijk was elected as a member of the KNAW in 2010.