1 November 2018

Jacco Pekelder on Angela Merkel’s political legacy

Angela Merkel. Bron: Wikimedia Commons/Martin Rulsch
Angela Merkel. Source: Wikimedia Commons/Martin Rulsch

On 30 October 2018, Professor Jacco Pekelder (History of International Relations) attended NPO Radio 1 on the Dit is de Dag show to talk about Angela Merkel’s political legacy.

Dr. Jacco Pekelder. Foto: uni-saarland.de
Professor Jacco Pekelder. Photo: uni-saarland.de

Together with journalist and Merkel biographer Wierd Duk and MEP Esther de Lange, Pekelder talked about Merkel’s resignation. Pekelder rates Merkel’s party leadership with a “good eight out of ten”. He praises her good goals, especially regarding climate. With ‘Die Energiewende’, in which Germany substituted nuclear energy with renewable energy sources, she has granted an enormous boost to the Germany industry.

Relationship with the Netherlands

According to Pekelder, the mutual relationship between Germany and the Netherlands is also noteworthy. Merkel saw Mark Rutte, and therefore the Netherlands, as a solid partner. Within the European Union, the Netherlands could often expect German support. “Merkel was a stable factor and a great states woman you could count on,” Pekelder added.

Jacco Pekelder 

Jacco Pekelder is a historion and is also connected to Institutions for Open Societies, an interdisciplinary research group focused on the development and growth of open societies around the world.