13 May 2019

Jaap Verheul appointed as Professor Transatlantic Relations

Prof. dr. Jaap Verheul
Prof. Jaap Verheul

Dr Jaap Verheul (Cultural History) has been appointed Professor by Special Appointment of Transatlantic Relations at the Faculty of Arts of Radboud University, starting 1 April 2019. The special teaching assignment has been made possible by the Atlantische Commissie in The Hague and is housed in the chair of English and American literature and culture.

At Radboud University, he will focus in particular on studying the cultural dimension of modern transatlantic relations between the United States and Europe, with a special focus on domestic perception and shared values that underlie international cooperation.

Jaap Verheul

Jaap Verheul is also associate professor of cultural history at Utrecht University. He teaches transatlantic history and cultural history of the twentieth century.

Transnational cultural history

Verheul studied contemporary history at Utrecht University and obtained his PhD there in 1990 on a study of the role of private initiative in promoting Dutch culture after 1945. His current research focuses on transnational cultural history, in particular the relationship between the United States and Europe.

De Atlantische Pelgrim

He coordinates a number of international research projects in which digital tools and methods are developed to investigate international imaging and the dissemination of news and knowledge within global information networks. He has published on transatlantic history and American images of European society, among others in his prize-winning biography De Atlantische Pelgrim (Dutch) on the American historian John Lothrop Motley and his image of Dutch history.