Ivo Giesen to become Director of Research and Data Center (WODC)

As of September 9, Prof. Ivo Giesen will start as the new Director of Research and Data Center (WODC). Ivo Giesen has been working at UU as a professor of private law since 2004. From September 2019 to January 1, 2024, he was head of Utrecht University School of Law. In addition to his work for WODC, Prof. Giesen will remain associated with the university. 

Independent knowledge institute

The WODC is an independent knowledge institute that operates as an independent department under the Ministry of Justice and Security. The WODC conducts scientific research itself and supervises research that is tendered to external parties. On the basis of scientific research, the WODC provides solicited and unsolicited knowledge, insights, points for improvement and lines of thought for organizations responsible for making, implementing or monitoring national justice and security policy. In this way, they can work evidence-informed to preserve and improve our democratic constitutional state. Giesen succeeds Gerty Lensvelt.

Wide network

As its new director, Ivo is expected not only to vigorously pursue the course that has been set, but also to actively promote it internally and externally as the substantive and managerial figurehead of the WODC. To this end, he will maintain a broad network, both in the scientific world, the executive practice and in the political-administrative environment. 

Ric de Rooij, deputy secretary general of the Ministry of Justice and Security: All confidence that Ivo will continue the development of the WODC with new vigor and take it further.

I consider it a great honor to lead such a highly regarded research institute

Utrecht University, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, School of Law

Ivo Giesen: I consider it a great honor, and am already greatly looking forward to it, to be able to lead such a highly regarded research institute and the people who work there. I am especially looking forward to working together with the MT on the external positioning of WODC, the further expansion of national collaborations, the secure sharing of our data (the treasury), and the further development of our own research agenda, in which the sometimes complex political-administrative context in which WODC operates presents a very nice challenge as far as I am concerned.

In addition to his work for WODC, Prof. Giesen  will remain associated with the university for 0.2 fte.