Ivo Giesen new Vice President Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Ivo Giesen, hoogleraar privaatrecht aan de Universiteit Utrecht

Professor Ivo Giesen has been elected by the members of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW in Dutch) as new Vice President.  He will succeed Marc Groenhuijsen on 1 September, when his second term expires. Ivo Giesen is Professor of Private Law and Head of the Utrecht University School of Law. Since joining the KNAW in 2010, he has been involved in various KNAW activities.

In his research, Giesen looks for solutions to social problems within liability and procedural law. In doing so, he makes extensive use of other sciences, such as economics, psychology and sociology. The KNAW is pleased to be able to welcome another broadly oriented scientist to its Board. As a member of the Board, Giesen wants to make a strong case for important KNAW themes such as the position of young researchers and the practice of independent science, and he wants to play a role in the debate about Recognition and Rewards  of academics.

From 1 September, the KNAW Board will consist of Ineke Sluiter (president) Marileen Dogterom (vice president and foreign representative), Ivo Giesen (vice president and general secretary), Martin van Hees (chairperson Humanities domain), Sjaak Neefjes (chairperson Medical, Medical-Biological and Health Sciences domain), Ton van der Steen (chairperson Natural and Technical Sciences domain) and Linda Steg (chairperson Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences domain).