2 October 2017

IOS fellow prof. Colin Scott visits Utrecht

Professor Colin Scott

From October 2-6, IOS Fellow prof. Colin Scott will visit Utrecht University. Prof. Scott is Principal of the College of Social Sciences and Law and Professor of EU Regulation & Governance at University College Dublin (UCD).  He is an acclaimed scholar in EU governance, non-state regulation and transnational private regulation. His position as IOS Fellow is combined with a Renforce Fellowship. 

During his visit, prof. Scott will present a paper on the legitimacy of private regulation at the Renforce PRIVACT workshop on the regulatory role of private actors. He will also teach a seminar for students in the European Governance Master, and meet with the UU Diversity Board in his position as Vice President for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion of UC Dublin. On Thursday October 5, he will give a lecture for the Directorate of European Integration at the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hague, where he will introduce and discuss the Irish position in the Brexit negotiations in the context of the future of the EU. Comments will be provided by dr. Ton van den Brink and prof. Linda Senden, and Joost Flamand and Hanno Wurzner (director and deputy director European Integration at department of Foreign Affairs). 

The visit is hosted by prof. Linda Senden and prof. Judith van Erp. For more information with regard to the visit, please contact Judith van Erp at j.g.vanerp@uu.nl.