24 October 2016

Invitational conference on medical leadership

On 22nd and 23rd November there will be an invitational symposium on Medical Leadership in postgraduate medical education. Three experts on Medical Leadership from the Royal college of physicians and surgeon Canada will share their knowledge throughout the symposium.

Medical leadership is a trending topic. In 2015, the CanMEDS role ‘manager’ changed to ‘leader’. Also, many national initiatives are currently drawing attention to medical leadership in the Dutch healthcare system. While the urgency seems clear, many practical issues remain unsolved. 

How can we embed this subject in medical education? Who should take charge? Could medical leadership training for physicians also have negative consequences? And finally, is medical leadership just another hype?

These types of issues will be discussed during a full day invitational symposium. In the morning, a small group of scientists, policy-makers, educators and practitioners will share their knowledge and experience and collectively identify steps forward in this discussion. During the afternoon, a pro-contra debate for residents and program directors will take place at the UMC Utrecht.

On November 23rd, the Professional Performance meeting will also focus on leadership development of professionals.

For more information on this symposium, please contact us at professionalperformance@uu.nl