Invitation Science Café: Structures of Strength - Hidden Similarities in Porous Materials

S4S Café

Join us for the next Science for Sustainability (S4S) Café as we present an unusual collaboration in the world of porous materials. "Structures of Strength (SoS)" is an team composed of scientists and scholars from over fifteen different disciplines, encompassing health, energy, food, and the environment. SoS is on a mission to uncover the hidden connections between these varied scientific fields and foster interdisciplinary collaborations that make a meaningful impact. This innovative team is exploring the multifaceted applications of porous materials, ranging from natural and industrial to medical and cultural contexts.

During the Café, we aim to discuss various applications of porous materials and how porous materials can serve as bridges connecting research across a wide spectrum of fields. Various prototypes and samples of porous materials and applications of porous materials will be shown at the event. For more information and program of the event, please visit the event website.

SoS is a project that started from the Center for Unusual Collaborations (CUCo). CUCo is presenting the documentary "1+1=3," which offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the SoS team's journey of forging groundbreaking interdisciplinary partnerships. CUCo will be streaming this documentary throughout September and October 2023.

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