Introductory lecture Automatic Speech Recognition

CDH lecture

Wat are the (im)possibilities of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)? How does ASR work, what are the current speech recognizers and what will (hopefully) change in the coming months? Sign up for the hybrid introductory lecture by researcher Language and Speech Technology Arjan van Hessen on Thursday 16 March from 10:00 to 12:00 hrs.

Automatic Speech Recognition - having spoken language recognized and processed by a computer – can be a very interesting technique for several disciplines. This includes transcribing interviews, unlocking oral history interviews and automatically subtitling materials. This lecture is aimed at humanities staff, but anyone for whom ASR can be a useful tool is welcome. The lecture can be followed physically in the Living Lab Digital Humanities in the University Library City Centre or online via Teams.

Possible follow-up workshops

If there is sufficient interest, two follow-up workshops will be scheduled after this lecture in which participants can apply speech recognition to their own material. Van Hessen will then discuss the available tools that you can use to achieve an optimal result. During the follow-up workshops, Kaldi, an open-source speech recognition toolkit, will be used. The language to be recognized is Dutch and the working language of the workshop is English (unless everyone speaks Dutch).

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