Innovative Collaboration in Applied Data Science

Looking back at the CHARM-EU networking event

Teaching using generative AI, using AI for matching in new courses, and developing a summer school for PhDs were all discussed during the Applied Data Science network event that CHARM-EU organized on May 15 & 16 in Utrecht.

CHARM-EU is an Erasmus+ funded initiative aimed at structural and strategic cooperation between European universities. Nine European institutions are part of CHARM-EU, including Utrecht University. Network meetings like these stimulate international cooperation between experts from various fields, countries, and CHARM-EU institutions, fostering collaborative problem-solving.

The May 2024 networking event focused on educational innovations in the field of Applied Data Science. Professors, experts, and education directors from the nine European partner universities came together. Groups spent 1.5 days brainstorming and working on various challenges in the field of applied data science. The solutions found resulted from bringing together international colleagues who work on the same themes.

These intensive sessions have not only contributed to valuable knowledge exchange but also to building lasting relationships between the participating institutions. By sharing best practices and jointly developing new education and research initiatives, a foundation was laid for future projects and initiatives. This not only strengthens the ties within CHARM-EU but also promotes the development of innovative educational models that respond to the rapid developments in the applied data science sector.

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