21 April 2017

In the media: The effects of hunting

Hunting leads to a decline by 83 per cent of tropical mammal abundance, and to 58 per cent fewer birds. For the first time on this scale, the researchers have been able to quantify the effect of hunting on mammal and bird populations. This effect is seen on greater distances of infrastructure and is stronger than was at first supposed. "For a Master’s research project to reach this level is a unique achievement", says Pita Verweij about Ana Benítez-López's Master's research

The publication led to a long list of news stories worldwide. Ranging from Time MagazineEl Tiempo, Phys.org and Mirror to Dutch outlets such as Volkskrant, Phys.org, NemoKennislink, Scientias, Nu.nl and EOS Wetenschap to a huge amount of South-American newspapers.