14 August 2018

How scientists and entrepreneurs can join forces

hands with light bulb

At first glance scientists and entrepreneurs seem to be very different people. The scientist, a reserved rationalist. The entrepreneur, a risk-taking flamboyant hustler. These are just stereotypes and they’re both not true. Every day I see proof of this at our university startup incubator UtrechtInc. Here we teach entrepreneurs and scientists new skills or connect them to complementary people and technologies. We help them turn their ideas into startups, that can ultimately grow into leading technology companies. So, to achieve this kind of impact, how can scientists become or team up with successful entrepreneurs?

Read the full blog post on UtrechtInc's website. As the university incubator they help scientist discover their entrepreneurial side by offering several workshops, training and coaching to develop business skills within themselves or helping to find an entrepreneurial co-founder to cover the business aspects.