27 February 2017

How resilient is our democracy?

The strengths of Western constitutional democracy could also be its weaknesses. Groups with undemocratic ideas are able to come to power by making use of the fundamental rights and freedoms associated with constitutional democracy, such as freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of religion.

A number of political parties want to restrict these opportunities for undemocratic forces. However, to achieve this, important decisions should be made: in this scenario, politicians will decide to what extent unconstitutional measures are allowed; for example, by restricting fundamental rights and the liberties of certain groups.

In this article on Publiekrecht & Politiek (Dutch), dr. Paulien de Morree examines the position of political parties on the resilience scale. The different viewpoints of the parties promise an exciting time after the elections: will the position of the Dutch democracy change on the scale?

Assistant Professor
Law, Economics and Governance - Utrecht University School of Law - Institute of Constitutional, Administrative Law and Legal Theory

This article is part of the dossier Verkiezingen in roerige tijden (Elections in turbulent times). In this dossier, researchers from Utrecht University discuss the elections from different perspectives.