20 April 2017

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Higher education in 2040. A global perspective

The landscape of higher education has in the last fifty years – with the emergence of online and mass education, skyrocketing tuition, and a controversial system for ranking institutions – begun evolving so rapidly and profoundly that the concept of the university now needs to be rethought.

Bert van der Zwaan is rector of Utrecht University and chairman of the League of European Research Universities. During a recent sabbatical he visited dozens of colleagues and opinion leaders in America, Asia and Europe, to talk to them about developments in higher education systems. The result is a clear picture of the global threats and opportunities: Higher education in 2040. A global perspective.

Bert van der Zwaan, rector of Utrecht University.

Andrew D. Hamilton, President New York University, said about this book: ‘Increasing costs and students evermore reluctant to pay rising tuition bills are putting pressure on university budgets. Political influences from Brexit to Trump to a rising Asian confidence are creating minefields for academic leaders. In this deeply uncertain climate, Bert van der Zwaan has produced a lucid and compelling narrative that helps us understand how we got here and lays out some very plausible descriptions of what global higher education will look like in 2040.’

The Dutch edition led to a lively debate about the future of higher education in The Netherlands. The English edition is now available online for everyone to read. Join the discussion!