25 March 2019

Report Landelijk Netwerk Vrouwelijke Hoogleraren (LNVH)

Hidden pay differences in academia: female scientists do ask, but don't get

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The National Network of Women Professors (LNVH) commissioned research into pay differences and pay culture. Last week the report Verborgen beloningsverschillen in de wetenschap: vrouwelijke wetenschappers do ask, but don't get, by Dr Ruth van Veelen (Social and Organizational Psychology) en Prof. Belle Derks (Social and Organizational Psychology) was published.

In academia, there are small, but significant and systematic differences between male and female scientists in the distribution of work tasks, access to resources and the outcome of negotiations on working conditions. Van Veelen and Derks conclude that small differences, an accumulation of which over an entire career can lead to major inequality situations. 

The report was published in Dutch. Read more in Dutch