Help map wild animal and plant species in Utrecht Science Park

Which plants, animals and fungi live in Utrecht Science Park (USP)? From today, the International Day of Biodiversity, until 21 June, Utrecht University and HU University of Applied Sciences invite you to go outside to discover and register as many species as possible during the BioBlitz 2024. The data we collect together will give us insights into what the status is of biodiversity in USP. You can also take part in a variety of excursions in the coming month, such as a bat walk. 

Picture by Dick Boetekees

How can you participate?

Before you go outside:

  • Step 1. Create an account on
  • Step 2. Download the app ObsIdentify on your smartphone. 
  • Step 3. In the dashboard of ObsIdentify, link your

When you are outside:

  • Step 4. Take a photo in the ObsIdentify app of any wild species you come across. 
  • Step 5. Upload the photos in the ObsIdentify app. The photos will appear in the app and on   

You can also upload your photos via See how you can do that here

Picture by Dick Boetekees

Strengthening biodiversity in USP 

Since 2022, we have been working on strengthening biodiversity in Utrecht Science Park. For example, the thirty-four hectares of grass on campus are mowed less frequently and in phases. Robust ecological connections with the surrounding area will also be created in the coming years, for example between Landgoed Oostbroek and Fort bij Rijnauwen. Our goal is to bring twenty guide species back to the USP by 2035. Read more.

BioBlitzes across the country

Not only in Utrecht Science Park a BioBlitz is taking place. In the Sister Parks of Utrecht ('Utrechtse Zusterparken') and at universities and universities of applied sciences throughout the country, people are monitoring species. 

Take a look at the species that are found in the Sister Parks of Utrecht
Take a look at the species that are found at other educational institutes