13 May 2016

Help keeping the 3Rs websites of the 3Rs Database Programme available

Websites of the 3Rs-Database Programme

The 3Rs-Centre ULS initiated the 3Rs Database Programme in 2015, which makes 3Rs information freely available and aims to contribute to the implementation of the 3Rs in animal research. Currently, the programme exists of two websites relevant for the reduction and refinement of laboratory animal experiments. However, both websites do not receive any subsidies and their future relies on donations and gifts. Therefore, crowdfunding initiatives were initiated to continue maintenance and updating of both information sources. You can support both websites in order to keep them available for free by donating only a small amount of money!

The following websites are part of the 3Rs Database Programma

  • The Interspecies Database, a database for the reduction of the number of experimental animals. By using the database, researchers can design their experiments better with respect to the choice of an animal model. You can make a donation by visiting the website here.
  • The Humane Endpoints website, a website for the refinement of animal experiments (to limit distress and improve the welfare of the animals). The website teaches (future) researchers how to recognize humane endpoints in rodents. You can make a donation by visiting the website here.