12 March 2019

Help fund the training of guide dogs, by recycling!

Are you a big fan of dogs? We bet you are. Now how about dogs with a career?!

To help KNGF Geleidehonden train more of these noble creatures, it only takes a bit of recycling.

But how?

You can support KNGF by putting your bottle caps from your soda bottles or even your empty tubs of peanut butter in these containers (pictured below) that we have just placed in several UU locations. Right now you can find them in the entrance of the Bestuursgebouw, the Educatorium canteen, and the city-center library.

It turns out that these bottle caps are worth money, and the KNGF has already raised €40.000 by collecting them! You can help them make this number grow, while also acting sustainably.

These three collection points are part of a pilot collection project for KNGF by Green Office Utrecht. If the project proves to be successful, you can possibly expect to see more of these containers in other UU locations. Do you have any questions or comments? Contact Green Office Utrecht via greenoffice@uu.nl or 06-28831459.

So as long as I donate my bottle caps, I never have to be concerned about plastic again?

Well, not quite... Reducing and reusing should always be prioritized over recycling! Using an item and recycling it is still less sustainable than just not using that item in the first place, or reusing one you already had. At the UU, it is slowly becoming more easy to go without plastic. For example, the vending machines in university buildings no longer sell plastic water bottles, offering reusable ones instead.

This is a great step as if you were still buying single-use water bottles, you would be creating more demand for more plastic products, which will further contribute to the amount of plastic polluting our oceans, our lands, and our bodies. Recycling plastic can hold a lot of this pollution back, but the ideal solution is to address our dependence on plastic at its source.

Nonetheless, we understand that plastic is still very hard to avoid, so if you do happen to use a plastic bottle, make sure to recycle it, and save the bottle caps for the containers mentioned above.