29 May 2017

Han Wösten and artist Jiwon Woo win BAD Award 2017

Jiwon Woo was one of three winners of the 2017 Bio Art & Design Award (BAD Award) on Friday 19 May. The jury chose these bio artists and designers from twelve teams of collaborating international artists, designers and scientists. The artists will use the award money of 25,000 euros to implement their art projects. The implementation of each BAD Award project is carried out in close cooperation with a Dutch research institution.

Jiwon Woo from New York is examining, together with the Utrecht University Institute of Environmental Biology, the Microbiology group of Han Wösten, how fungi on the hands of people in Korean households affect the taste of food. Woo is going to use the prize to create sculptures and visualisations that demonstrate how these fungi have changed across generations and in different locations, as families have migrated and passed on these fungi.