Great amount of data available for AI analysis

AI and ADS researchers often need big datasets to test and apply their algorithms. Such a set is now available. Utrecht’s YOUth cohort study provides an extensive longitudinal data set on brain and behavioral development from nearly 4,000 children and their parents. The data has multiple dimensions and repeated measurements. It is available open-access. The researchers that collected the data are curious to see what new insights into behaviour and development can be gained through analysis using AI and Data Science methods.

The data include 3D-ultrasound sweeps of the fetal brain, and data from eye-tracking, EEG, (f)MRI, computer tasks, cognitive measurements and parent-child observations, as well as data from a broad range of questionnaires on behaviour, personality, health, lifestyle, parenting, child development, use of (social) media and more. A complete overview of the YOUth data collection can be found in an interactive prospectus. These data are available for GDPR-compliant use in research through managed access. Requesting data is simple: submit your proposal and select the data you wish to request with just a few clicks via the online data request system on the YOUth website.

Visit the website of the YOUth Study for more information and to request your data.