1 May 2019

Researcher will visit Boston University

Grant for PhD candidate investigating the digitization of the labour market

Hofvijverkring: Haagse alumni

The Hofvijverkring, a group of alumni from Utrecht University, has awarded a grant to PhD candidate Ronja Röttger, who is researching the influence of digitization on the labor market in the context of Future of Work.

The grant was put together by crowdfunding among alumni. With the money, 3000 euros, Ronja Röttger will travel to Boston, where she can participate in seminars and other activities at Boston University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard. There is already collaboration between Utrecht University, MIT and Boston University in the field of its research led by professors Anna Salomons and Maarten Goos, affiliated with the Future of Work hub of Utrecht University. The Hofvijverkring wanted to support Future of Work research and in particular a young, promising researcher within that theme.

Winners and losers of digitazation

Ronja Röttger

Ronja Röttger is currently a PhD candidate with professor Maarten Goos as PhD supervisor and professor Anna Salomons as co PhD supervisor. Röttgers' research focuses on the influence of digitization on the labour market, with the emphasis on general aspects of policy. Röttger: "Some workers might benefit immediately from the ongoing changes but others might also lose from it. In my PhD, I investigate who the most vulnerable workers are and also, how they adjust to new digital technologies. For example, how do workers search for new jobs? And how can they be supported in this process? This is where policy comes in. I think that governments and labour market institutions can play an important role in shaping how these new digital technologies affect our labour markets and our societies. And for that, I think that it is important to generate knowledge, such that we really understand what is going on at the moment."

Governments and labour market institutions can play an important role in shaping how these new digital technologies affect us

Röttger graduated cum laude in 2017 in the Multidisciplinary Economics Research Master of Utrecht University. She previously did an internship at the Central Planning Bureau and worked as a student research assistant for professor Janneke Plantenga and Dr. Thomas van Huizen on the CARE project, studying the effects of preschool education in Europe.


The board of the Hofvijverkring, which is part of the Utrecht University fund, currently consists of the alumni:

  • Dr. Pieter van Genuchten, voorzitter
  • Martine Mondt-Schouten, secretaris
  • Dr. Frans Driedonks, penningmeester
  • Prof. dr. Caspar F. van den Berg
  • Henk Gajentaan
  • Louise van Scherpenzeel
  • Hans den Breems