10 October 2018

GOU Turns Five: Picture time!

On Wednesday October 10th, the Dutch National Day of Sustainability, we invited everyone to celebrate with us in front of our office on sunny Heidelberglaan. Visitors could take a journey through five years of Green Office History. Did you miss it? Take a look at our photos.

Utrecht University's birthday present gives us a great opportunity to look ahead: we'll have a Tiny Forest on campus! This was officially announced on October 9 by Annetje Ottow at the festive opening of the Green Office dependence. A Tiny Forest is a dense, indigenous forest with the size of a tennis court. Read more.

Mix your own sustainable smoothie with our Blender Bike
Learn about your food’s footprint by playing the Impact Game
The Mini Thrift Shop: for all your second-hand gems!
Utrecht Science Park will have its first Tiny Forest! Visitors to our lustrum celebration heard it first
Green smoothies to celebrate five years of GOU
..and vegan snacks!
Our team is keen to hear your thoughts about a sustainable future for our university. Got green ideas? Let them start growing with Green Office Utrecht!