26 February 2018

35,000 books digitised

Google project successfully concluded

The past year each month a Google truck stopped in front of the library to pick up 20 well-filled book trolleys. Library staff worked hard to collect the books in time for the transport. They also took care that the books were put on the library shelves again after their return.

Agreement with Google

In 2010 Google entered into an agreement with the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (‘National Library of the Netherlands) to include as many Dutch titles as possible in Google Books. After a large part of the collection was digitised, Dutch university libraries were asked to participate. After the university libraries of Amsterdam and Leiden, Utrecht University Library followed in 2017.

Now, a year later, the project has come to a successful conclusion. 35,000 books from the collection have been digitised and can now be consulted in Google Books. These titles were published before 1877, which means they are copyright free.

Open science

Within the framework of open science Utrecht University Library aims at digitising as many works from its collection as possible to make them online available for research and teaching purposes.