Get inspired during the Teaching and Learning Inspiration Days

On Monday 30 January 2023, the first edition of the Teaching and Learning Inspiration Days will kick off. During this three-day event (30 January to 1 February) every teacher, student or other person interested in education can immerse themselves in an offer guaranteed to boost their education.

Barend Last about Blended Learning

On Monday 30 January, keynote Barend Last (educational consultant, speaker and author of the book 'Blended learning en het onderwijsontwerp’, among others) kicks off this event with an interactive session on Blended Learning. The challenges of this methodology will be covered in detail and tips on this are sure to follow.

Student Talk

On Tuesday 31 January, participants will have the chance to hear students' perspectives on motivation. How can teachers best motivate their students? And what factors play a role in this? Come along and join the conversation! You can also attend another workshop on teaching in front of the camera on Tuesday, among other things.

Latest tools

The supply of tools for teaching does not stand still and from the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning (CAT), two tools have recently been added for which the CAT can provide support: Comproved and Rationale. Both tools will be discussed in detail during a workshop on Wednesday 1 February.

Is this everything? Certainly not. Spread over three days, there is a wide programme of workshops and meeting opportunities. Check out the full programme and register soon!

Programme Teaching and Learning Inspiration Days