Gender, Sexuality & Migration

Moslima moeder met dochter in de stad ©

Marjolein van den Brink (Netherlands Institute of Human Rights), Berteke Waaldijk (Gender Studies/History) and John de Wit (Interdisciplinary Social Science) work on an interdisciplinary research project on wellbeing at the intersection of gender, sexuality and migration.

The project seeks to promote interdisciplinary knowledge generation with respect to the ways in which gender and sexuality are being addressed in research, policy and practice regarding the wellbeing of migrants and the communities and societies they have left behind, as well as communities and societies in the country of destination. The project does so by building upon legal, humanities and social sciences scholarship.

Involved researchers:

Berteke Waaldijk

Marjolein van den Brink

John de Wit

Related events:

Brown Bag Lunch Conversation January 12, 2021: “Wellbeing at the intersection of gender, sexuality and migration: an interdisciplinary exploration and conceptualization of contact zones”