Gandolfo Cascio receives "Premio Giuseppe Antonio Borgese"

Dr. Gandolfo Cascio
Dr Gandolfo Cascio

Dr Gandolfo Cascio (Italian Language and Culture) has been awarded the first prize for general non-fiction of the 2020 "Premio Giuseppe Antonio Borgese" edition for his collection of critical essays entitled Le ore del meriggio. Saggi di letteratura italiana (Noonday hours. Essays on Italian Literature).

Fondazione Il Convivio

This prize is awarded by the Fondazione Il Convivio and consists of publication in the scientific series of its publishing house.

Le ore del meriggio

Cascio's book comprises studies that have appeared before in journals or volumes. They outline Italian literature from Marino'Adone, Barettiā€™s and Foscolo texts on Italian identity, to contemporary writers such as Grasso, Morante and Borgese himself. In Cascio's work, attention is given to some central, but still neglected, issues, such as the quest about Italian Romanticism or the aesthetic idea of Realism. Cascio's collection finds its unity in the rigorous application of the stylistic methodology.