Future of Work video: the influence of digitalisation

An IT researcher and an economist share findings

Digitization still creates more jobs than it destroys. Yet people and sometimes companies also find themselves in a bind when introducing new technology. What do we know from research? Two scientists, affiliated with Future of Work at Utrecht University, share their knowledge and tips. dr. Ulrich Zierahn from economic research and Dr. Iris Beerepoot from her perspective as an information systems researcher.

Both researchers are hopeful, but also warn us. Ulrich Zierahn explains that the fear that automation will destroy jobs is unfounded. However, much more effort is needed from organisations, individuals and policymakers to teach their workers to deal with new technology and changing job demands. Iris Beerepoot talks about her PhD research into 'workarounds', what happens if technology does not serve people well in the workplace? She encourages organizations and policy makers to thoroughly study these workarounds to discover how the technology can be better aligned with people's work processes.

More Future of Work research

Follow the Future of Work research at their website or LinkedIn page. Scientists from different disciplines are conducting research into the future of work together, also with social partners. The aim is to help society understand what the future of work will look like and what opportunities and challenges it may bring.

This video was filmed at NOVI Hogeschool.