Food for Thought: Wereldfilosofie aan de keukentafel

In November Ten Have published Food for Thought: Wereldfilosofie aan de keukentafel., a book by Drs Jeroen Hopster (Philosophy and Religious Studies), with contribution from Dr Chiara Robbiano (Philosophy and Religious Studies).

Drs. Jeroen Hopster MA. Foto: Cora Hendriks
Drs. Jeroen Hopster MA. Photo: Cora Hendriks

Food for Thought is a philosophical cookbook in which philosophers and a group of young people meet and dine together. They discuss important questions of the 21st century: stress, connection, loneliness in the age of Facebook and staying true to yourself.




Eating together leads to conversations and an exchange of views. The smartphones remain off the table. This leads to a concatenation of clear questions, effusions, and relevations for 21st century citizens. Food for Thought is full of ingredients for a marvelous talk and includes recipes you can serve during conversation.