Five Rosanna Fund grants awarded on International Women's Day

Rosanna Fund for Women

On International Women's Day, five female students and researchers at Utrecht University received grants from the Rosanna Fund for Women. This named fund, which falls under the Utrecht University Fund, supports talented female researchers and students in their scientific careers. This year, the fund received 35 scholarship applications, demonstrating the great need for this type of funding. The annual Award Ceremony took place online. In this video, you can see the five winners of this years grants. Furthermore, the founders of the Rosanna Fund explain what motivates them to do this.

The winners of a Rosanna Fund Fellowship 2022

Cindy Porras Acosta grew up in Colombia in a single-parent family with hardly any income. She was determined to study medicine, and she succeeded, finishing her medical studies in Colombia. Now, she is a second-year Master's student in Clinical Epidemiology in Utrecht. "Studying at Utrecht University has been very fruitful and enriching. I am now working on my research at the Julius Center, focusing on evidence-based medicine to understand the epidemiology of non-communicable diseases, specifically cardiovascular diseases, a public health problem worldwide. My goal is to pursue a PhD in epidemiology.

Deniz Rana Kuseyri is a first-year Master's student of Legal Research. She does research on law and social-economic inequalities and is active in, among others, study association Aletheia. "As a student with a first-generation, immigrant and low-income background, it has been difficult for me to dream of continuing my studies even further by completing a PhD; and yet achieving this does remain a dream of mine. The Rosanna Fund grant helps me on my way by allowing me to rise above my financial situation and the linits it has imposed on me."

Jahui Cai is from China and studies Multidisciplinary Economics at Utrecht University. If there is one word that can best describe my life so far, it would be "border-crossing. From my mother I have inherited the belief that education would allow me to cross the borders of social class.” For Jahui, Multidisciplinary Economics is the future of economics. She hopes to write her master's thesis on either the interaction between political institutions and economic development or on the impact of climate change, ageing, gender inequality and technological development on the labour market.

Rima Alkirawan completed her studies in Chemistry in Syria and worked as a pharmacist and chemistry teacher. She came to the Netherlands as a refugee and studied Health Sciences here. After her studies, she volunteered to teach Arabic to women and children. Here she (re)discovered her passion for imparting knowledge. She will use her Rosanna Fund grant to follow the master programme 'Teacher Secondary Education'. In order to become a chemistry teacher again. "Especially as I am still drawn to and crave for chemistry, which is a tangible and practical science."

Winner of a Rosanna Fund Honourable Mention 2022

Tessa van den Berg is PhD candidate in Pedagogy and receives an honourable mention. "During my education I was already more interested in doing research than in the practical part of pedagogy. I am curious about where certain behaviour comes from and how it develops." Her PhD research focuses on the development of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPS) in adolescents. She is working on the development of an app intervention that can help with emotion regulation and reducing symptoms of BPS, such as self-harm, during the long waiting period for existing treatment programmes. The grant from the Rosanna Fund will enable Tessa to complete her PhD trajectory.

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The Rosanna Fund for Women supports talented women students and researchers in their academic career, by providing short-term scholarships up to a maximum of 5,000 euros annually, for example for tuition, travel expenses, foreign residence, or to complete a dissertation. The increasing number of applications shows that the need for financial support among talented female students and scientists is still very high. Want to contribute yourself? Make a donation!