4 September 2018

First economics department in the Netherlands to implement CORE education innovation

Collegezaal bij U.S.E. met studenten

The Utrecht University School of Economics is leading the reform of teaching economics. The school is founded fifteen years ago, with the mission to be an internationally renowned school of economics where high quality economics research and education is combined with other disciplines. This multidisciplinary approach has become even more relevant. 

There has been an intense debate since the financial crisis about the role of economics in society. The Utrecht University School of Economics squarely focuses on contributing to an economy where people thrive, by taking a broad view on welfare and its causes. For this you need to combine economics with other disciplines. 

We join forces with the leading economics education reform movement, which has established the new Curriculum Open access Resources in Economics (CORE). CORE aims to reform the teaching of economics, linking it to current events, data and history, and incorporating recent economic research and debates. It is doing so by developing free, high-quality online resources and implementing the best new teaching techniques, available to anyone in the world with access to the internet. The open-access platform is accessible for anyone who wants to understand the economics of innovation, inequality, environmental sustainability, and more. 

The Utrecht University School of Economics embraces this new CORE of economics, making it the core of its first year Bachelor Economics and Business Economics

In September, the Utrecht University School of Economics is celebrating its 15th anniversary. One of the events in celebrating this anniversary is a lecture by Professor Wendy Carlin (University College London), one of the leading authors in CORE. On the 11th of September she will give a lecture to the economics students at Utrecht University, and meet the teaching staff at the Utrecht University Interdisciplinarity Symposium.  

Utrecht University School of Economics is the first economics department in the Netherlands that adopts CORE.