2 March 2018

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine back among top five in QS World University Rankings

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is back among the top five in the QS World University Rankings. In the field of Veterinary Medicine, we rose from 9th place to 5th, putting us back among the veterinary world leaders, one of the important goals we set for ourselves in the new Faculty Strategic Plan.

The prestigious university ranking list is drawn up each year by weighing several factors, the most important of which is the faculty’s international academic reputation. This makes the QS ranking an important benchmark of the opinion of our peers and the sentiment within the academic community. Other factors that play a role include being a good employer, citations, ratio of staff to students, and the internationalisation of staff and students.  

Back in the top five

“We work hard on our reputation and our international position, including by involving our international peers more in what we are doing”, says Wouter Dhert, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. “We wanted to get back among the top five, and this year we managed to do that. We are very pleased with this achievement, and we will have to continue to work very hard to maintain this excellent position. We feel justified in our approach to achieving this goal, with our Faculty Strategic Plan, so we will continue on the path we have set out for us. The improvement in our ranking is a wonderful encouragement.”