Urban Futures Studio

Exhibition Places of Hope opens April 2018

The future: an intangible concept. Yet all around us people are changing their environment and actively seeking alternative futures, often in surprising coalitions and in unexpected places. Urban Futures Studio director Maarten Hajer is curator of Places of Hope, an exhibition that will open next year in Leeuwarden, cultural capital of the EU in 2018. Places of Hope explores the Northern Netherlands as a place of inspiration, a starting point towards possible futures. The exhibition brings together academics, artists, policymakers and other agents of change. Who knows what the future will bring – and what we will bring to it? 

Places of Hope is set in the former Fries Museum, from April 4, 2018.
The exhibition is open from thursday until sunday, from 12.00 until 18.00. 

Find out more on www.placesofhope.nl